Monday, June 20, 2011

When home is no longer far far away

Its almost a month in US now. Unlike my wish I missed home like never before. I guess one of the main reasons is my stay was full of boredom. Well a part of it was. . .

2 months vacation cut down to 1months prison. Plans I made for Things to do as and when i am free from my 9 month long study just vanished in air just the same way i vanished into distant land. Away from friends, family and home.

its funny how joyful i became over an old Hindi song playing in the car. Khalnayak. . . .probably  2 decades  old but with all the bollywood classic hip song. the beats of the songs got me going happy and dancing with only the thought of my home. . .

its weird that i never felt so homely before until you realize your away, far away.but one has to learn to live alone, isolated. that's life isn't it?

so this is my first blog pretty much about how just one familiar song made me so happy and joy about my nation and forgetting for a while that i am away from it.

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